World Headquarters - USA

Kona USA
2455 Salashan
Ferndale, Washington

Canadian Distribution

The Bicycle Group
1353 Pemberton Avenue
North Vancouver, British Columbia
V7P 2R6

Euro Zone

Kona Sports International SAM
Les Caravelles
25, blvd Albert 1er
98000 Monaco
  • What size Kona bike should I ride?

    The best way to find out is to go to your local Kona dealer here or check our sizing form here.
  • Where are the specs, prices & geometry of our bikes?

    These can be located by navigating from the front page or go to straight to our Bikes.
  • Where is my nearest Authorized Kona Dealer?

    You can locate your nearest Kona Dealer here.
    For all other countries contact your national distributor.
  • Can I Buy My Kona Bike Online?

    You can order your new Kona Bike from The Kona Ride Online and pick it up professionally assembled from the Kona dealer of your choice. We ship to the lower 48 states.
  • Where can I register my Kona bike?

    You can register your Kona bike here.
  • Where is my owner's manual?

    A printed copy of the Kona owner's manual is supplied with every single Kona bicycle in the small parts kit. You should receive one when purchasing your Kona bike. You can also view the owner's manual, along with other useful tech info here.
  • I have a technical question, who do I send it to?

    Send your question to [email protected].
    We have a group of product and warranty persons that will take care of your problem.
  • I have a warranty question, who do I send it to?

    Kona warranty is available through authorized Kona Dealers. You can locate your nearest Kona dealer here.
    In all other countries contact your national distributor.
  • What year model is my Kona bike?

    Check out the Kona archives.
    Contact [email protected] if your bike isn’t in the archives.
  • I would like to work for Kona, where do I send my resume?

  • I want to ride for Kona. Where do I send my resume?

    North America: [email protected]
    Euro/Rest of the World: [email protected]

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