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Kona Dream Builds: Jono's Custom Painted Process XCR

Kona Dream Builds: Jono's Custom Painted Process XCR
You may not know who Jono AKA The Trail Mole is, but we are pretty sure you are familiar with his dog Moka. Moka went viral a few weeks back with this post and has racked up over 3 million views! Well, now it’s time to meet the custom painted Process X CR DL that Moka chases around the Sea to Sky!

Jono’s drivetrain is something pretty special. Polished SRAM GX cranks are mated to an OChain, an MRP LG1 keeps the chain in place and a STFU keeps things quiet. Out back a SRAM AXS XO1 rear derailleur ensures shiting is precise and smooth. The Ochain allows for 6-12° of tunable rearward rotation between the chainring and cranks, this small amount of give allows the chain to move backward without taking the cranks with it reducing pedal kickback, which in turn allows suspension and braking to perform better.

How rad is this custom Industry Nine stem?!

Rear suspension comes in the form of the EXT Storia, while a Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate takes care of things up front

More industry nine goodness in the form of these custom-built carbon hoops.

Up in the cockpit, you’ll find a One Up Components 35mm rise bar and ODI Elits Lock-On grips. A pair of AXS shifters control the rear derailleur and the 175mm AXS Reverb. Shimano XTR stoppers slow things down.

Jono sourced some sweet retro-themed decals to complete his bike’s stunning paint job.

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