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Kona Dream Builds: Gee Milner Builds a Hei Hei CR DL from the Future

Kona Dream Builds: Gee Milner Builds a Hei Hei CR DL from the Future

Gee Milner has been at it again, adding another Kona to his truly epic Dream Build video series. Today we are stoked to share Gee’s Hei Hei CR DL build from the future! At first glance, this build looks pretty darn dreamy, but closer inspection reveals something extra unique, the Classified Wheel-set. Using wireless technology and the most advanced rear axle in existence Classified’s XC MTB hub allows the rider to Powershift under full load in any situation, uphill at full gas or downhill without pedalling. It’s the ultimate secret weapon that can enhance any ride.

Classified Cassette on Kona Hei Hei CR DL

Classified Quick Release Axle on Kona Hei Hei CR DL

The Classified system is built around a two-speed internal hub, essentially the equivalent of a 2 x chainring setup upfront. The wireless shifter on the handlebar lets you change up or down one gear, under full load if you are climbing, and also while you’re not turning the pedals when descending. 

The signal from the controller is sent to the Smart Thru Axle which triggers the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer. The 11 or 12-speed cassettes a made from a solid block of steel, with high durability coating for low wear. They are extremely light and designed to fit the unique driver interface of the Powershift hub. The whole thing is better explained over here on the the Classified Website

 Fox Racing Shock on Yellow Kona Hei Hei CR DL

The suspension on the build is from Fox, the rear being a Fox Factory Float with Remote Lockout and up front, you’ll find a 120mm Factory 34 step-cast.

Shimano XT Brake on Kona Hei Hei CR DL

Two-piston Shimano Derore XT stoppers keep speeds in check.

A Race Face Turbine R stem holds a Race Face Next R carbon handlebar place while Race Face Half Nelson Grips keep look after those contact points.

Maxxis Rekon Tires on Workbench

“Well you’re not hardcore, NO YOU’RE NOT HARDCORE, unless you live hardcore…”  Well, you’re not XC unless you live Maxxis Recon!

Classified Rim

The M25/30 Classified Wheel-set sports carbon rims, the 25 in the name represents the rim depth while the 30 represents the rim width.

Fox Transfer SL On Kona Hei Hei CR DL

Fox’s Transfer SL (super light) dropper keeps the weight down.

Cush Core Valve

Cush Core Valves means only one thing, some XC inserts!

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