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Kona Dream Builds: Fix My Bike build an Epic Explosif

Kona Dream Builds: Fix My Bike build an Epic Explosif

Stockholm based Kona dealer Fix My Bike have built some epic dream builds over the years, but their latest is a true head turner. "The idea behind this bike was to create a competent gravel bike from a nice old steel frame. We planned to sell it, so we wanted it to be "affordable". We wanted to fit 27.5" wheels with a disc brake at the front, raise the handlebar a bit and make it simple, with 1x10 speed which can easily be switched from straight to drop bar. (Advent X allows this). The frame isn't perfect at all (lots of scratches and marks). "

1997 Kona Explosif

The frame is a 1997 Kona Explosif 1997 with a Kona P2 fork steel with QR and disc brake mount.

1997 Kona Explosif

The drivetrain is a Microshift Advent X groupset with the original crank with a no name aluminium narrow wide chainring.

TRP Spyre C Brakes

Stopping comes courtesy of a TRP Spyre C front disc brake while the rear is the regular V-brake.

Monster Gravel bars

The ultra wide and flared bars are Monster gravel dropbars and...

Monster stem

... and that vintage headset is from Brave Machine

Kona 1997 Explosif

The build is rounded out with the original seatpost and WTB saddle, it all rolls on no-name 27.5" wheels with a Panaracer Gravelking SK (27.5 x 2.1) up front and Panaracer Gravelking SK (27.5 x 1.9) out back. 

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