Fat Fifty - Save 50% on All Kona Fat Bikes

Fat Fifty - Save 50% on All Kona Fat Bikes
The Kona Fat Fifty sale is on NOW - The ultimate all-season bike is now 50% off, but only while supplies last! Yes, you read that right, we've taken 50% of ALL our fat bikes! Head HERE to start shopping right now!
Kona Woo in Snow
 Offer available on and participating dealers in the USA only. Offer valid while stock lasts.
The world of fat bikes is unlike any other. In fact, they have their own motto: Yes You Can. Yes, you can roll over that sandy section. Yes, you can plow through that rock garden. And you can do it while carrying a ton of gear on the Woo or Wo with their ultra-fat 4.8” tires. Fat bikes have taken people across deserts, the arctic, and through every type of tricky terrain possible. They're like the Top Gear terrain champions of bikes. So, where will yours take you?

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