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The Road South: An adventure cycling the length of Africa

The Road South: An adventure cycling the length of Africa

In this breathtaking bicycle adventure down the length of the African continent, The Road South tells the story of James Beatty and his partner, Kona Ambassador Mckenzine Barnie, being caught in a military coup, navigating around a war and rebel blockades, narrowly dodging a thrown spear, and being charged at by a male elephant. Six months, ten countries and 11,000 kilometres later, the two reached Cape Town, South Africa, in what they would call one of their wildest adventures yet.

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Originally from New Zealand, James set out at the age of twenty-two to see the world. Over the years that followed, he has walked the length of New Zealand, from Mexico to Canada, in the High Andes, and all over the Himalayas. James hitchhiked across North America, Europe, and Australia, and overlanded the length of the Americas, starting from Ushuaia, Argentina. His latest adventure was cycling the length of Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town on his Kona Sutra.


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