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Kona Dream Builds: Peter Wojnar's Process X DH

Kona Dream Builds:  Peter Wojnar's Process X DH

The Process X AL is proving to be a great platform for freeride and bike park builds, if the way that Kona’s athletes and ambassadors are building their bikes is anything to go by. This dream build is BC-based filmmaker and athlete Peter Wojnar’s perfect setup for endless side hits, “wrong lines only,” and general trail debauchery in the Whistler bike park.

Woj is 6’2” tall and weighs about 180lbs, and he’s running a Large Process X AL frame with the stock Super Deluxe coil. He runs a 500lb spring and pretty fast rebound, which matches up with how he sets up his Carbon Process X trail bike—but that’s where the similarities end.

The frame is designed to run either as a mullet or full 29er, but Woj is running 27.5” wheels front and rear. The 190mm Boxxer raises up the BB enough to almost match his trail bike (125psi, 1 token, fast rebound, middle LSC/HSC, 27.5” lowers.)

He’s actually running the park bike in the ‘mixed-wheel’ setting for a steeper front end and higher BB, which is still slack and low by most standards. For the nerds, the head angle is somewhere around 63 degrees, and the BB is 335mm from the ground, compared to 345mm on his trail bike (which is a mullet setup, with a 170mm fork.) If he switched the trail bike into “low” mode, the BB height would actually match up perfectly with this bike park rig and corner a little better—but he’d pedal strike on tech climbs more often.

Drivetrain needs for a park bike are simple: pedal across flat sections, and don’t break. Woj’s bike has an SB One G3C singlespeed setup to keep things durable and silent, and there’s a OneUp bash guide up front.

The cockpit is fully aluminum too, with a OneUp direct mount stem and alloy bars cut to 770mm. He likes them rolled a bit further forward than most riders.

Sram Code RSCs with 200mm rotors handle braking, and the wheels are “whatever you’ve got that isn’t completely broken yet.” It’s a park bike—it’ll take a beating. Woj has a habit of landing sideways, squaring off corners, and knocking rocks out of trailside banks and ditches… so it shouldn’t be a surprise the bike check photos he sent already feature a broken spoke. He likes the Chromag BA rim in the back mainly because it has proven to survive criminally negligent maintenance for a couple days at a time. As any component on a bike park weapon should.

Touch points are OneUp thin grips and alloy pedals, an old Chromag overture saddle, and a Maxxis DHRII / Assegai tire combo. Normally, Woj believes the back tire on a park bike should be worn out beyond recognition… but it’s October so he’s treated himself to fresh rubber.

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