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Kona Dream Builds: Oliver's Immaculate 1992 Hei Hei

Kona Dream Builds: Oliver's Immaculate 1992 Hei Hei

After spying this amazing 1992 Hei Hei on Instagram, we just had to know more, after reaching out to owner Oliver Young for the full story it seems he has discovered the Holy Grail! 


"The story behind the bike is pretty cool. I was after a Kona Kaboom for ages and stumbled across an early Kona Unit on eBay. After chatting to the seller, he told me he was just starting to sell his late Grandfather's collection, 20 ish bikes including a Kaboom!

A few weeks later I was the proud owner of a pretty varied collection. His Grandfather raced fixed gear bikes in the 50’s and after a long and successful career with the Police he started buying his collection of bikes… Kona Humu, Hei Hei, Unit, Kaboom, Bonty Race Lite x2, Turner XC, S-Works Stumpjumper (JMC), Brave Warrior, the list goes on… The best thing about the bikes is that they were all PDI’d and ready to ride but all of them were unridden!
So this Hei Hei is still built up as the original owner intended. I have a variety of wheels that could go on it, Bullseye, Hope, Nukeproof, but I’m waiting to get the TNT Ti hubs fixed and back on it. I don’t believe these bikes should be a museum piece, so it will be ridden this summer on my local trails and will put a huge smile on my face! This truly was my dream bike as a teenager in the 90’s. "

The purple ano front and rear derailleurs are from none other that Paul Components, the Cooks cranks are rocking Suntour Powerrings and they are mated to a TNT Ti rear cassette.
The wheels are White Industries hubs on Araya rims while the TNT Ti hubs on Mavic 230 TiB are being fixed (the Front hub has a snapped flange!), the tires are Continental Cross Country's.
The fork is a period correct Kona Ti P2.
For braking the bike is rocking some classic Kooka Levers, but Oliver is unsure what make the canti's are. Up in the cockpit you'll find a Ti Velocity stem holding a Answer Hyperlite handlebar firmly in place, and how about those Ti Onza barends? The seatpost is a Kona Ti O Beam, complete with a Velocity saddle.

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