Mountain Full Suspension

Kona mountain bikes have something for every adventurer. For those looking to conquer big all-mountain rides and even bigger descents, the Process X CR and Process X CR DL are the ultimate weapons. The Process 153s maintain their status as the most-desired quiver killer/do-it-all bikes, while the Process 134s continue to reign supreme as the most well-loved trail machines. The Hei Heis are back and ready to smash vert records. 


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Process 134 DL 29Process 134 DL 29
Process 134 DL 29 Sale price$2,999.00 CAD
Process X CRProcess X CR
Process X CR Sale price$5,499.00 CAD
Process 134 DL 27.5Process 134 DL 27.5
Process 134 DL 27.5 Sale price$2,999.00 CAD
Process 153 DL 29Process 153 DL 29
Process 153 DL 29 Sale price$3,399.00 CAD
Process XProcess X
Process X Sale price$4,999.00 CAD
Process X DHProcess X DH
Process X DH Sale price$4,999.00 CAD
Side view of Process X CR/DLAngle front view of Process X CR/DL
Process X CR/DL Sale price$7,999.00 CAD
Hei HeiHei Hei
Hei Hei Sale price$2,799.00 CAD
Hei Hei CR/DLHei Hei CR/DL
Hei Hei CR/DL Sale price$6,999.00 CAD
Hei HeiHei Hei
Hei Hei Sale price$2,799.00 CAD
Process 134 29Process 134 29
Process 134 29 Sale price$1,999.00 CAD
Hei Hei CRHei Hei CR
Hei Hei CR Sale price$4,999.00 CAD
Process 153 CRProcess 153 CR
Process 153 CR Sale price$5,999.00 CAD
Process 153 CR/DLProcess 153 CR/DL
Process 153 CR/DL Sale price$7,699.00 CAD
Process 153Process 153
Process 153 Sale price$3,399.00 CAD
Process 153 DLProcess 153 DL
Process 153 DL Sale price$4,199.00 CAD
Process 134 CRProcess 134 CR
Process 134 CR Sale price$5,699.00 CAD
Process 134 CR/DLProcess 134 CR/DL
Process 134 CR/DL Sale price$7,499.00 CAD
Process 134 DLProcess 134 DL
Process 134 DL Sale price$3,999.00 CAD
Process 134Process 134
Process 134 Sale price$2,599.00 CAD
Process 153 29Process 153 29
Process 153 29 Sale price$2,499.00 CAD
Process 153 27.5Process 153 27.5
Process 153 27.5 Sale price$2,499.00 CAD
Process 134 27.5Process 134 27.5
Process 134 27.5 Sale price$1,999.00 CAD