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Introducing The 2024 Kona Factory Team

Introducing The 2024 Kona Factory Team

The 2024 Kona Factory Team is ready to take on the world’s most challenging trails. From North Vancouver’s roots and loam to Kamloops’ iconic lines, California’s flow, and atop the world’s most epic alpine mountain peaks, these riders will be blowing up corners and turning heads everywhere they go.

Kona Factory Team Caleb Holonko and Eddie Reynolds

Headlining the Kona Factory Team is North Shore’s favorite son, Caleb Holonko. Caleb has more heavy-hitting video parts planned and will continue his total assault on the freeride world. Returning for his second year on the Factory Team is California phenom Eddie Reynolds. His combination of effortless style, speed, and an ever-expanding bag of tricks is bound to blow minds, expect to see him on even more podiums in 2024. Kamloops B.C. shredder Kyleigh Stewart will be focusing her talents on the growing women’s freeride scene and select Crankworx events. New to the Factory Team for 2024 is up-and-comer Tayte Proulx-Royds, the young Canadian rider is just as at home sending huge freeride lines with style as she is racing Cross Country at an elite level.

Kona Factory Team Kyleigh Stewart and Tayte Proulx-Royds

The 2024 Factory Team is set to be our most stylish yet. We’re gearing up for a year of big sends, big adventures, and ground-breaking riding.

Kona Factory Team RIder Caleb Holonko

Caleb Holonko

At just 26, Caleb Holonko has solidified himself as a force in the global freeride scene. The North Vancouver native has a knack for approaching established stunts with a fresh perspective – leaving our jaws on the floor. Rather than merely riding the infamous trails and calling it a day, Caleb sees them as a canvas for innovation. For 2024, you can expect to see plenty more of Caleb’s powerful, pioneering riding style and creative line choices that have made him a household name.

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Kona Factory Team Rider Eddie Reynolds

Eddie Reynolds

Returning for his second year on the Kona Factory team is 18 year old Eddie Reynolds. Born from the surf and skate culture of Southern California, Eddie rides fast and hard, and with an unmatched style. Eddie strives to be the most versatile rider he can and aims to enjoy every aspect of biking to the fullest! You’ll find him winning Whip Off events, killing it on the dual slalom and pump track, and sending the biggest jumps around. For 2024, Eddie will be racing select Crankworx stops and continuing his path to total Dual Slalom domination, all while blessing us with his effortless style.

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Kona Factory Rider Ky Stewart at Sun Peaks

Kyleigh Stewart

Kamloops born and bred; mountain biking has been a part of Kyleigh Stewart’s life for almost as long as she could walk. Returning for another year with the Kona Factory Team, Kyleigh stands out as a mentor for the youth of BC. In between DH racing and Whip Offs, she coaches up and coming racers at Sun Peaks Bike Park.  For 2024 Kyleigh will be continuing her transition from racer to Freerider, unleashing her infections love for riding with her super casual and effortless style on bike parks and events across North America. 

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Kona Factory Rider Tayte Proulx-Royds

Tayte Proulx-Royds

At just 15-years-old, Tayte Proulx-Royds is the newest addition to the Kona Factory roster and is the team’s veritable Swiss Army Knife. The two-time provincial cyclocross champion, and cross country provincial champion also has a Darkhorse Award she won as a 12 year old after sending the entire line at the Dark Horse Invitational Freeride event in 2021. Insanely adaptable and with laser focus, she never loses her kind and approachable attitude. You may not be able to predict what bike she'll be riding at any time, but you can predict that she'll be shredding whatever she's on with style and a smile. 

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