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Breaking into Focus - International Women’s Day

Breaking into Focus - International Women’s Day

“Collaboration is everything…”
Riding is an inherently solo sport – which means it’s easy to forget that working with others is the key that can unlock the next level of what we’re grinding so hard to accomplish.

Colleen Meas and Patty V

Patty V and Colleen Meas are two professional creatives who have been banging their fists against the door of the cycling community, wanting desperately to break into the tight-knit media of its industry.

Shae James and Becky Gardner

Shae James and Becky Gardner riding in San Francisco

While they have about as much in common as they don’t, their shared obstacles on their journey to being considered for professional cycling media jobs have empowered them to draw attention to the missing piece of the equation.

Shae James riding a Kona Bike

This International Women’s Day, we’re honored to be able to shine a light on Patty and Colleen’s collaboration journey and bring attention to the women who are out there kicking ass and kicking down doors with their hard work. Asking for help is incredibly hard, but remembering to answer and offer peer mentorship is something that we simply need to make time for– because odds are, it will make all the difference in the world.

Jump into this endearing story of a sunny Southern Californian meeting a rugged Pacific Northwesterner halfway up the West Coast to improve their skills, of course, ride bikes, and get the job done – together!

Colleen Maes, Shae James and Becky Gardner talk about Kona bikes and Drones



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