Adventure Journal Reviews the Kona Unit X

Adventure Journal Reviews the Kona Unit X

Stable, with nimble steering, this is one of the most versatile bikes I've ever ridden.

Justin Housman at Adventure Journal has been riding our classic Unit X for the last few months and has just posted up his review on their site. Justin was impressed with the value for money of the Unit and just how well rounded the fully rigid bike was.

“I love to load mine with a framebag full of snacks, binos, a book, and maybe a blanket and just head up into the hills without much of a plan. That might mean bombing a winding singletrack, perhaps a slog through a muddy fire road, maybe a trail-less adventure through duff. Whatever happens, happens and I know this bike can handle it and will always put a smile on my face." - Justin Housman

Check out the full review HERE. 


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