Tito Tomasi

On my bike, on my split board, on my surfboard or in my workshop painting, I try to live with my eyes open and share that passion. I've been biking since a young age and it brought me a lot more than I could imagine! MTB adventure has been my job for ten years, allowing me to explore and build projects. I'm grateful for the meetings, the emotions and so much more. Today I have fewer solo adventures. Another page is getting written where I get to guide and meet so many people and I love it. Between art and sport, I make my life as a dad now, showing Marin the world around us, the art, the sport, and the love of life.



Date of Birth


Riding with Kona since

Jumped onboard in 2022!


Process 153 29" will be my go-to bike, love the burly bikes to tackle the crazy trails around here! But a Process 134 makes the perfect companion for multiple-day adventures in the mountains.

Where are you from and where do you live?

I'm from Nice in the south of France and for the love of the big mountains. I live in Thones now. It’s a splitboard/mtb paradise, perfect for raising a kid and cheese overdose!

What's Your Favorite Kona of All Time and why? (You don't Even have to have owned it)

Graham Agassiz’ neon green Stinky in 2013 or 14, sending it, demolishing his rear wheel. It definitely marked a freeride area and Kona was leading. This time was a huge source of inspiration for me, and even if my type of riding was totally different due to the terrain, it helped me to push myself.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

This season marks a comeback to adventure and traveling. The concept developed in around challenges and stories, I'm attempting a few big crossings in different parts of the world with filmmaker and hard ripper Louis Citadelle. Our goal is simple go from a point A to B by bike, ride as much as possible, keep our eyes open to the world and its inhabitants. Hard to say which destination is more exciting to me because I'm looking forward to see the final result! This is one ambitious visual experience, the most exciting project I've built over the years.

What was your favorite track/Race of 2022 (Doesn't have to be in a race) and why?

Wow it's hard to pick one, I'm not racing so it will be a trail. And a trail is a moment, something we are lucky to share with people, nature, and our vibe. Call me cheesy but some rides with my son on my handlebars were just incredibly peaceful and warm. As raising a kid changes the person, it changes the rider inside us too. And passing on the passion and love for nature comes too. But selfishly I gotta say that one descent around the Mont Blanc in the sunset was a treasure. Unreal feeling in the mountains with good people, flying on the trail with the Remote160 looking at the giants around me. Blast.

Who has most influenced you?

There is not one name that pops out, but in art I've always loved the energy of painters like Pollock and Basquiat. In sport, the big wave riders like Noll or Long have the purest approach. Ramon Navarro fought for his career and to defend the ocean... I'm inspired by legends like Berrecloth and Zink who push so hard and never let go. Bruni definitely gives me goosebumps with his riding and nerve. In MTB, my biggest inspiration has to be Nico Vouilloz for the career and passion for the sport.

What was the last gift you received?

Some pretty rad warm socks my wife offered me for my birthday. Good for riding or splitboard days!

If you were a cereal, which would you be and why?

I would say the Kiwicha, growing peacefully in the sun of the sacred valley near Cuzco.

How would your local coffee barista describe you in three words?

I don't have a barista around; I have cows and farmers. The only guy I see regularly is my pizza man on a weekly basis. And he would probably describe me as: on time/fast/hungry!

Last thing you found?

Found a pair of goggles in the snow and gave them to my sister.

Last album you purchased?

I don't buy music, but I buy Sherpa's and Anthill's productions.

Last account you unfollowed on Instagram?

Honestly, I don't remember.

Last promise you made?

Probably something about life and mountains to my son Marin.

Last Podcast or Audio Book you listened to?

Something about kids’ psychology, or a biking one!

Last Thing You Googled?

Gotta be about house construction and wood heater system.

Last thing you shared?

An incredible ride on a noboard!

Last good quote you heard or read?

"You can always explain an avalanche, but you cannot explain why it didn't break. Be careful."

Last photo you took?

A sick snow ride on an ebike in the Aravis mountains after a skimo session!! Awesome day.

Last time you were scared?

Probably because of my little demon biking! Going fast into a wall or crashing into a ditch.



The highlight of 2022 is probably achieving the renovation and living in our new home!


As always, the highlight is the lowlight. My lowlight is the renovation project I did last year, it was longer and harder than expected. We sacrificed a lot for it, missed a lot of riding opportunities, projects, and meetings.