Rebecca Fahringer

I am never sure what to write in a bio, and when I try to copy the bios of my teammates, they keep talking about how much they love bikes. I don't really love bikes. I love riding bikes. I love what the atmosphere of bikes brings. I love the camaraderie of it all. I love that on a bike I can feel both extreme pain and joy. Sometimes at the same time. The bikes themselves? If I were worried about how much I liked what brought me to where I am, I would choose something cuddlier, like horses, or easier to travel with, like running shoes. But there's something about the people that ride the bikes. So that's my bio. A person on a bike who usually likes other people on bikes.



Date of Birth


Riding with Kona since



That's always hard to say. The Hei Hei is maybe my favorite in this moment because it challenges me the most. I can ride any bike anywhere, but with most others I can say "well this isn't the tool for the job, I should walk this section." The Hei Hei, however, can handle more than I can so I know it can let me push my limits.

Where are you from and where do you live?

From outside of Dayton, OH but currently living in Bend, OR.

What's Your Favorite Kona of All Time and why? (You don't Even have to have owned it)

Honzo! I don't know why. It's just a dang sexy bike.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I am looking forward to redemption on the whole Lifetime Grand Prix series, since I am largely over my concussions that have been plaguing me for far too long.

What was your favorite track/Race of 2022 (Doesn't have to be in a race) and why?

I really enjoyed the High Cascade 100 mountain bike race. It was local, and on trails all familiar to me, but it was interesting to do these trails in a race and put them together in a way I never would!

Who has most influenced you?

In the grand scheme of things my parents. But in the short term, maybe Barry Wicks? He suggested I move to Bend, OR and it's a heck of a place! Don't come here.

What was the last gift you received?

Someone got their booster shot for me! (not, like, instead of me. I also got mine).

If you were a cereal, which would you be and why?

Probably an all-organic super food covered Lucky Charms marshmallow. People seem to think I am like... super healthy. Then they get to know me, and they are like "man, you can eat HOW MANY deep fried twinkies?"

How would your local coffee barista describe you in three words?

Rarely. Showing. Up. I started "budgeting" and cutting out expensive coffees and avocado toast. I am $30 closer to home ownership!

Last thing you found?

Not what I was looking for I am sure of it.

Last album you purchased?

Does download on Spotify count? T-Swift Evermore.

Last account you unfollowed on Instagram?

Someone posting some political BS

Last promise you made?

That my fingers were permanently crossed, surely it doesn’t mean anything ;)

Last Podcast or Audio Book you listened to?

Planet Money's The Indicator

Last Thing You Googled?

Hahaha, weight of a Honzo DL

Last thing you shared?

I offered to share a burrito. But then I ate it all.

Last photo you took?

Of the cutest doggy in the world in her duct tape paw cast.

Last good quote you heard or read?

I will paraphrase it from The Alpinist. "Once you achieve a big goal or accomplishment, the world doesn't change. All you are left with is the journey/experience." It really resonated with me (even if I can't remember exactly what he said).

Last time you were scared?

Skiing on some ever-changing surface. I quit for the day because I couldn't stop thinking of crashing!



Slowly but eventually finding some joy in riding and participating in the events, not just racing.


Realizing that I was still feeling symptoms of my concussions and had a rev limiter the whole season.