Kerry Werner

Bikes blow my mind. They continue to impress me with what’s possible, where you can go, and the people you meet. I am always stoked on sharing adventure with others. These shared experiences keep pushing me to be creative and make new memories, which enriches my love of the two-wheel machine.



Date of Birth


Riding with Kona since

Summer of 2016


My current favorite Kona is the Libre. While I love the Hei Hei and feel it’s an extension of my body in the woods, the Libre is just so versatile. A “if you had one bike what would it be?” type of bike. Its ability to run big tires and be fast and racy definitely tugs on my heart strings.

Where are you from and where do you live?

I am from Birdsboro, PA and live in Roanoke, VA now.

What's Your Favorite Kona of All Time and why? (You don't Even have to have owned it)

The Hei Hei is my all-time favorite Kona rig. It’s such a light and nimble machine but can take more than its fair share of punishment from roots and rocks. It suits my riding style really well and is good for quick XC style races and all-day epics.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I am most looking forward to the new challenge of the lifetime Grand Prix series. These races are a bit out of my wheelhouse coming off of a long history of cx and xco focused racing and training. The lifetime GP races are all mostly longer events, which means I am having to tweak the training this year. I am looking forward to that as I have mostly been doing the same training and racing over the last 8 years.

What was your favorite track/Race of 2022 (Doesn't have to be in a race) and why?

Last year my favorite race of the year was the entire five day MTB stage race of the Transylvania Mountain Bike Epic. I suffered a flat on day two, which put me back a few minutes in GC. However, through enduro time bonuses and a rain day on day four I was able to push super hard and claw back the time I needed on GC to take the overall. It felt good coming back from deficit. It showed a confidence in myself and my ability that I look forward to carrying into the new goals I have for 2023.

Who has most influenced you?

Geoff Kabush continues to impress me with how much fun he has on a bike after such a long career. It’s cool how adaptable he has become at changing with the tides of what’s hot in cycling and how he continues to push himself to keep up with the younger generations, while still maintaining his self-belief. I hope to keep bikes as my career into my late 30’s and he is showing me how to keep that dream alive.

What was the last gift you received?

Wool underwear. Haha! I don’t like synthetic fibers anymore. If there is one thing long travel days and bikepack trips have taught me, it’s that wool is the superior fiber for areas where the sun doesn’t shine.

If you were a cereal, which would you be and why?

Easy. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Because not only is it the best tasting but it makes the most bomb cereal milk.

How would your local coffee barista describe you in three words?

Stone fruits. Bold Chocolate Undertones. Hint of Lime.

Last thing you found?

The spirit of gravel in the desert during a 4-day bikepack trip with some friends, south of Tucson, near the Mexican border.

Last album you purchased?

Probably the Rolling Stones greatest hits way back in the 08’s.

Last account you unfollowed on Instagram?

Some dumb influencer account.

Last promise you made?

To Sherman my dog saying that I would be back soon after this trip.

Last Podcast or Audio Book you listened to?

This American Life. It’s a classic.

Last Thing You Googled?

What is LTE? Trying to figure out the difference between 4 and 5g.

Last thing you shared?

Takis fuego chips on the bikepack trip. Bonking isn’t fun and Takis taste good.

Last photo you took?

Our bikepack crew ripping busy city streets at sunset back into Tucson to finish our route.

Last good quote you heard or read?

When the catalinas turn pink, it’s time to drink! Haha

Last time you were scared?

Two weeks ago. Sherman was staying at a friend’s house and got in a dog fight that left him with puncture wounds. We were in Belgium and there was nothing I could do!



A highlight of the 2023 season was CX nationals. It took place in Hartford, CT on the second weekend in December. I decided to line up for both the single speed and the elite men’s race. I had never done a single speed race at a high level before so it was an awesome new experience. Plus, I won, which made it all that much better. Then I raced elite the next day and was unsure of how the single speed race would affect me for Sunday. I found myself with a lack luster start but kept my head down as the snow continued to fall. I ended up taking third place, which felt good. The conditions were all time and I had a blast pushing my Super Jake to the limit in the snow globe like environment.


A low light was for sure all the gravel races I decided to participate in. With no real prep for the longer races, I was not in a place to compete at the front of the race, however, I would try. This would usually result in a spectacular blow up somewhere between 3-4hrs into a 6-7hr race. I always felt unprepared lining up at the start line, which is not something I am used to or like at all. This year will be different.