Peter Wojnar

“Woj” has had a lifelong fixation on mountain landscapes, the people they inspire, the cultures they enable, and the simple joy of going downhill fast. He’s a pro filmmaker who focuses his camera on skiing when there’s snow, and on mountain biking the rest of the year—and whether or not he’s holding a camera, he can be found going up and down mountains all year based out of his Squamish, BC home.

Especially in the spring, summer, and fall, Woj's Kona is a vessel for sanity, adventure, and more often than not, for access to work. Whether he’s filming an enduro race, racing as part of the field, or racing the sun to a campsite that’s just a few km too far, he’s always stoked for the next descent, a crisp high-five, and a good laugh at a bad joke. So share your questionable ride plans, slap some skin, and tell some bad jokes. Seriously, especially the jokes.