We lament the confines of the English language. Unfortunately, the 171,476 words currently in use fail to clearly articulate emotion, sensation and true experience. Sure, you can say our bikes are versatile and capable, timeless not trendy, and built to last. But still, words fail us when we try to describe the true essence The Kona Ride. So please, accept our apologies for our inability to clearly describe what it feels like to ride a Kona bike. We can, however, describe what goes into creating the nuances that make our bikes stand apart from the competition.

For us it's the ride characteristics of a specific bike that make it great. Throughout our 28-year history we’ve always believed that technology isn’t about creating new confusing acronyms and high-tech principles that may or may not help a bike to ride better. Quite often it’s the simplest innovations that enable the greatest improvements.

At Kona we strive to blend modern technology and creative thought. One of the most notable innovations of 2014, one that garnered us an incredible amount of attention, was the simple idea of rider fit, best viewed in the geometry and design of our Process bikes.

For 2015, a lot of our most noteworthy technology comes in the form of our undying attention to detail. Take our materials for instance. From steel to carbon fiber to titanium, refined aluminum alloys through to Scandium 69: how we use those materials and where is a massive discussion in our company. You’ll also find new standards in our geometry and fit. For example, we’re introducing a new Road Endurance geometry featured on the Esatto series of road bikes, as well as new standards that harmonize the geometry in our MTB Trail bikes.

But, as we mentioned earlier, this is how we create the Kona Ride, not what it actually feels like. Again, words fail us in the end. We could say confident and stable, quick and intuitive. But those are just words. The Kona Ride is about feeling, emotion and experience. How is that best articulated? Ride a Kona.