The evolution of our very successful Grassroots amateur development program, Kona’s Super Grassroots Team represents a collection of some of the best and brightest of both up-and-coming, and established cyclists from around the world. In disciplines ranging from Enduro to Downhill, Freeride, XC and Cyclocross, Super Grassroots riders are both established legends of the sport, like longtime Kona rider Wendy Simms, and soon-to-be-pros like Nathan St. Clair and Layton Meyers. Stay tuned to the Cog for their race results, associated media and ride adventures throughout the year.

Chad Cheeney

Chad "Chainsaw" Cheeney is a 6 foot 3, 195lb long time lover of all things cycling. Married to Annie and has a 1 year old named Bo Chester. Born in Bend, Oregon and grown in Durango, Colorado, the professional cycling coach has a long history of racing, but is maybe more set on leading and coaching the nationally ranked cycling development programs Durango Devo and Fort Lewis College, where he is the Head Mountain and Cyclocross Coach and assists coaching the road team. He is also the co-founder of the 10 year old Durango Devo and current job is Head Coach/Upper Program Manger. Chad has coached collegiate and junior athletes to over 20 national titles. Yet...he has never won one himself. Not cool. Maybe this is the year. Chad's own race program consists of a Southwestern/Coloradan regional mix of road, cross country, enduro, and cyclocross...and a splattering of throwing local training races for developmental athletes and peers. His main competitive goal is to compete at the Enduro Nationals in Mount Snow VW in July. And Next fall getting in the top 10% mix at Cross nats in Reno. For road he is not so focused, sounds like his plan is to shave the legs a few times for the kids and stay fit for the summer time speed traps. With that said, his main stoke will come from watching his former athletes crush the pro fields around the world.

Dereck Treadwell

Dereck Treadwell lives in Maine and although he has lived on both coasts, and three corners of the continent, he is a Mainer through and through. He grew up in rural Old Town, Maine, a small mill town made famous by the canoe, a town crisscrossed with the rooty, rocky, old-school single-track he cut his teenage teeth (and elbows and knees) on. Although he is new to the Kona family, “Tread” (as most people know him) is no stranger to competing and he came back to the bike after a hiatus adventure into competitive life as an elite runner. He attended the University of Maine, where he would go on to earn All-American status, advance to the finals of the 1996 Olympic Trails for 1500m, and later be awarded a spot into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

These days, Tread’s strength is in the long, hilly, hard, marathon endurance Mountain Bike Races. He is happiest going uphill but, thanks to the new HeiHei, enjoys downhill almost as much. He has been a podium finisher at numerous NUE races including NH100, Shen100, Mohican100, and Wilderness101, as well as the stand alone favorites such as the Vermont 50, Blackfly, and Fools Gold. He has wins at Wilmington 100, Ironcross, Bradbury 12-hour, Wildcat 100, and is a multiple time winner of Carrabasset 100k and Mt Washington Hill climb Newton’s Revenge. Although racing is the endgame, some of his happiest moments are on the long solo days of pedaling ATV, snowmobile, and single-track trails in coastal Maine.

When not out and about on his bike, Tread can be found loitering at his local shop: Bath Cycle and Ski (Bikeman.com), hanging out with his wife, Elizabeth, their 2 Leonbergers, or the chickens, or the bunnies, or his favorite cat, Litl’ Merle, or doing odd jobs around the Ballet School that they own and operate together in Topsham, Maine.

Layton Meyers

My name is Layton Meyers and I live up in the Pacific Northwest in a town called Maple Valley. I started racing cross country MTB and cyclocross about 4 years ago and have been on the Rad Racing NW junior team throughout that time. Being a part of Rad Racing has allowed me to explore different disciplines of bike racing which has led me to the gravity side (enduro and DH) which is where I have found my niche and passion. Last year I had a successful local enduro season and a podium finish at the USA National Enduro Championships in Mammoth Lakes. My immediate goals are to continue to improve my riding skills, win a USA National Enduro Championship and to begin to compete at a national and international level. I am super stoked to represent Kona for this upcoming mountain bike season!

Derek Teel

"Mountain biking is the perfect combination of nature, fitness, and adrenaline." As a twelve year old digging dirt jumps aboard his Stuff hardtail, Derek dreamed of riding at a professional level. He's now doing it and aboard the bike that started it all. When he's not racing Enduro or doing laps at the Northstar bike park, he's operating a personal training business called "Dialed Health." People are getting in shape, buying bikes, and creating a healthy lifestyle thanks to his services. Applying these training principles has also allowed Derek's performance to largely increase the past two years. "My results last year have a lot to do with all the past downhill racing, but it's mostly because I've adopted a lifestyle that includes proper training. It doesn't feel like work, because it's just what I do." You'll see him racing throughout California this year and creating content to help you get pumped to ride!

Rae Gandolf

A runner up for the 2014 National downhill series title and a three-time World Cup contender, Rae is self-proclaimed mountain bike monomaniac plus veterinarian extraordinaire. After spending several years racing XC and endurance events such as La Ruta de los Conquistadores, she found her obsession in downhill racing. With several regional DH titles under her belt, her racing career is ongoing and now extends to enduro and slopestyle events. Rounding out her monomania, Gandolf has been an advocate by leading her Ohio IMBA chapter through trail building, community outreach and fundraising efforts like the Mayhem MTB Festival. Now an IMBA Instructor Trainer, Rae's been coaching since 2010 and relishes helping people reach that "ah-ha!" moment. In her 4th year with Kona, you will see SuperRae at USAC GRT events, bike clinics and instructor certification programs around the country. When she's not on a bike trying to figure out more tricks, you are likely to find Gandolf doctoring about any type of critter you can imagine.

Ali Osgood

This will be Ali’s second year with Kona and she is super duper excited about what the 2016 season holds. Ali will be focussing on Downhill as she chases the Pro GRT series and any other race she can fit in to her busy schedule, she’s even giving enduro a chance, although she isn’t so sure about all the pedaling. When she’s not shredding on her Operator and Process 134, she works with a bunch of stinky dudes at her local bike shop, Revolution Bikes, enjoys craft beer, hosts a Beatles radio show on Monday nights, and enjoys building trail, hosting events, and helping grow the mountain bike community in Humboldt County. Currently, she is studying broadcast journalism at Humboldt State University while racing for the cycling team. This last mountain bike season was extra special after she took home her first collegiate national championship in downhill. Ali is a passionate cyclist eager to get other women stoked on mountain biking. She is usually wearing a smile, and always excited to make new friends and encourage other riders to grow in their love of the sport. Her other sponsors include: Deity Components, E*thirteen, Ride 100%, Crank Brothers, Revolution Bicycles, and Fit NorCal.

Cory Rimmer

I have been racing for about eleven years now; from Cyclocross to enduro to twenty-fourhour solo events I have raced them all. I can’t say that I have favorite, so I try race as many different types of events as I can during the season. I strive to be a well-rounded rider and luckily for me Kona has the right shred sled for every occasion!I have a deep passion for bikes and most of all I love sharing that passion with my friends, both new and old. I enjoy sharing what I have learned over the years and I enjoy listening as well. That’s definitely the best part, the people and their stories. So I encourage you to reach out whether it’s out on the trail or over Instagram, take a second and say hi!

Nathan St. Clair

Nathan has been surrounded by cycling his entire life with an uncle that owns a bike shop and a dad that manages another. He first threw his leg over a bike to race BMX 10 years ago at the age of 5 and has excelled at many disciplines including road racing, cyclocross, cross country, and downhill racing ever since. He eats, breathes, and sleeps cycling and if you can’t find him on the bike, he’s smacking dirt, wrenching, or talking about bikes. For the 2016 year, look for him at the southeast enduro and gravity races, local cross country races, as well as the Pro GRTs.

Louisa Sussman

I'm an 18 year old enduro racer from Nevada City, CA. I've been working at my local bike shop, Tour of Nevada City, for 3 years, and started building wheels for WTB late last year. I'm a really big fan of riding my bike (or even someone else's bike) in new places, and the more majestic the views the better! I got into racing through the local high school's XC MTB team, which competed in the NorCal League, and have really enjoyed pushing myself and conquering the sometimes scary and varied terrain in enduro races. I'm perpetually covered in scrapes and bruises (and dirt and sealant and chain grease and dog hair) and that's the way I like it. Super stoked to do cool things in 2017 with support from Kona!

Becky Gardner

Becky Gardner has been racing Downhill both nationally and internationally for over eight years, winning three collegiate national championships and countless other national wins. Although downhill was a main focus for Becky she also enjoys trail riding, dirt jumping, BMX and progressing her riding in anyway possible. After graduating from Fort Lewis College with a degree in marketing she hopes to use her skills to further promote women's mountain biking and get more women involved in the sport . For 2017, Becky will be following in her older brothers footsteps (and fellow Kona enduro racer) and using her background of racing downhill to compete in several enduro across North and South America.