The Kona Endurance and Adventure team returns ready for some big days in the saddle in 2018. From lung-busting gravel grinds, mountain biking in places we may not have ever heard of, to a full season of Cyclocross racing, they’re ready to dig in, ride hard, and capture all of the shenanigans they can find aboard two wheels.

The Endurance and Adventure team is made up of Kona veterans that know exactly what it takes to squeeze the most out of every single adventure. Team ringleader Barry Wicks is back with a full agenda of rides all across North America. We’ve also got 3rd place CX Nationals finisher Kerry Werner, probably a world record-holder Spencer Paxson, definitely a world-record holder Cory Wallace, and the ever-keen-to-crush-it/party pumper Kris Sneddon. Together they make up a crew that is champing at the bit to push the limits of where bikes can go, how hard they can be ridden, and how much fun is actually possible while inflicting what seems to mere mortals like some sort of self-inflicted punishment.

Where will they travel? Only time will tell, but we get the feeling they’ll be crossing many a mountain pass, bikepacking to locations that seem impossible to reach, racing the races that scare most racers, and leaving dusty contrails in their wakes as often as possible. If it sounds like a challenge, these guys are up for it.